ReAction 2024 On Demand

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Higher Education | 43 MINUTE WATCH

Purposeful Technology to Create Authentic Learning

Discover how technology enhances authentic learning, providing students with skills and purposeful work for lifelong success

Higher Education | 56 MINUTE WATCH

Competency Over Credit Hours: Bridging the Real Skills Gap

Exploring the shift from traditional metrics to competency-based learning, emphasizing skills to meet real-world demands for career readiness


The Future of GoReact: AI & Skill Mastery

Get a sneak peek into the future of GoReact, including how upcoming features like AI will elevate and accelerate skill mastery for all learners


GoReact Tips & Tricks

Learn about the most powerful features in GoReact, and discover capabilities you never knew existed

Teacher Education | 44 MINUTE WATCH

Engaging Teacher Candidates: High Quality Feedback, Self-Reflection, & Goal Setting

Learn to give effective feedback with GoReact, empowering student self-assessment and goal setting through interactive and reflective techniques

Teacher Education | 44 MINUTE WATCH

Embracing AI for Teacher Preparation

Learn how teacher prep programs and districts can use AI tools like ChatGPT for lessons and research and to prepare AI-savvy teachers

Teacher Education | 43 MINUTE WATCH

The Power of Looking Within: Reflect, Learn & Grow

Discover how to embrace self-reflection as a regular practice for ongoing growth and development

Teacher Education | 39 MINUTE WATCH

Using Explicit Modeling Strategies to Set SEL Goals With Teacher Candidates

Learn to integrate Social Emotional Learning (SEL) goals with teaching practices and within GoReact to build collaboration

Teacher Education | 36 MINUTE WATCH

Bridging Theory & Practice: Strengthening Classroom Learning With Real-World Insights

Examine how technology-enabled insights can transform educational practices and enrich student learning experiences


Enhancing Classroom Management: A Case Study on Tools & Techniques

Learn how to improve classroom management and create a safer and more conducive learning environment using GoReact


What Do You Think? Coaching With Questions

Learn to enhance coaching conversations with impactful questions, promoting teacher reflection and self-discovery


Guided Online Coaching: Teacher Development Through Peer Interaction

Explore a 3-phase online coaching model for teacher development, leveraging GoReact for interactive learning and support


Open Door Leadership: How to Build Capacity & Lead Through Collaboration

Learn key takeaways about leadership in adult learning programs, including what it means to be a collaborative, results-driven leader

Higher Education | 54 MINUTE WATCH

The Future of Curriculum Design

Explore what the future of curriculum design in further education should look like now and in the future, considering AI and Ofsted requirements

Higher Education | 43 MINUTE WATCH

GoReact Transforms Communication & Critical Thinking Skills

See how GoReact improves healthcare students’ communication and critical thinking skills, enabling better patient interactions

Higher Education | 36 MINUTE WATCH

STEM-Inspired Authentic Assessments

Explore creative assessment methods for STEM students that leverage AI to create authentic assessments

Higher Education | 41 MINUTE WATCH

AI in Higher Ed: Navigating Opportunities & Challenges

Panel discussion on how educators view opportunities and challenges of integrating AI , and its impact on the future of work and skills

Higher Education | 41 MINUTE WATCH

“UDL for You”: Why Universal Design for Learning is Needed Now More Than Ever

Get four strategies to implement Universal Design for Learning (UDL) effectively with examples and best practices

Higher Education | 43 MINUTE WATCH

Preparing Students for Work in an AI-Driven World

Explore ways to integrate AI into your curriculum, equipping students for an AI-driven world

Higher Education | 40 MINUTE WATCH

Synchronicity in Asynchronous Learning

Discusses the impact GoReact has on student engagement and learning in an era of dwindling attention spans, with data-backed insights

Higher Education | 42 MINUTE WATCH

Ethical AI Use in Assessments: Leverage, Don’t Fear, the Machine

Discover techniques that both leverage AI tools and ensure they are used responsibly

Higher Education | 55 MINUTE WATCH

Charting Ethical Pathways in Education: Dialogical Feedback for Sustainable & Compassionate Practices

Discover feedback as a tool to deepen educator-student bonds, transforming assessment into a nurturing relationship opportunity

Higher Education | 43 MINUTE WATCH

AI in Writing & Literature: Gains & Pitfalls

See how writing and literature educators have been using AI—what works and what doesn’t

Nursing Education | 36 MINUTE WATCH

Crafting Clinical Skills: The Art & Science of Recording RN Skills for Assessment

Explore how technology, especially GoReact, transforms teaching and assessing psychomotor skills for better accuracy

Sign Language | 30 MINUTE WATCH

Adapting TRUE+WAY ASL for Onsite or Online Courses

Get guidance on adapting TRUE+WAY ASL for transforming from online to face-to-face classes or vice versa

Sign Language | 55 MINUTE WATCH

Exploring TPACK and SAMR Frameworks for Sign Language Instruction

Explore two tech frameworks, SAMR and TPACK, for use in sign language instruction