Learning How to Simplify Rubrics

A short video clip where Jeff Przybylo demonstrates how to use rubrics in GoReact



Wrapping Up 2020 with Three New GoReact Features

A blog post announcing three new GoReact feature updates, including Live Review for Stimulus Assignments, Auto-Pause for Comment Replies, and Rubric Reports

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3 Tips for Using Visual Aids in Presentations

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How to (Effectively) Use a Presentation Grading Rubric

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Brilliant Formative Assessment Tools and Techniques for Higher Ed

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3 Reasons Why Teachers Love PechaKucha

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6 Benefits of Student Teaching Videos for Observation

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4 Ways Student Rubrics Make Teaching Easier and More Awesome

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13 Time-Saving Grading Strategies for Teachers

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Online Rubrics Add Structured Feedback to GoReact

A press release announcing the drag-and-drop rubric wizard in GoReact, which enables structured evaluations alongside time-coded comments