What is Lifelong Learning? Nurturing Skills Today for a Brighter Tomorrow.

A blog post that explores the concept of lifelong learning, its significance in both higher education and the workplace, and how technology plays a crucial role in nurturing continuous skill development for individuals and organizations


Higher Education | < 1 MINUTE READ

Faculty Toolkit: Giving Quality Feedback

A toolkit compiling best practices for giving quality feedback in higher education


GoReact launches GoReact + Zoom to make it easier for learners to submit videos for skill assessments

A press release announcing the public launch of the GoReact + Zoom integration

Sign Language | 3 MINUTE READ

Feedback Literacy—Digging Deeper

A blog post about feedback literacy and why it’s one of the most important elements of learning

Sign Language | 3 MINUTE READ

Giving Feedback for ASL—and Making It Count

A blog post with tips for making feedback effective and meaningful

Teacher Education | 3 MINUTE READ

Understanding the PPAT Assessment: A Beginner’s Guide

A blog post to help you better prepare candidates to pass the PPAT assessment

Communication | 2 MINUTE READ

5 Ways to Use GoReact in Online Communication Courses

A blog post with tips to help you use GoReact for teaching online communication courses

Sign Language | 3 MINUTE READ

Teaching ASL Online: Making the Transition With GoReact

A blog post to help ASL instructors move their face-to-face courses to a virtual environment

Higher Education | 4 MINUTE READ

Remote Teaching: 10 Ways to Use GoReact for Student Assignments

A blog post with ideas for using GoReact as you make the switch to remote teaching

Higher Education | 3 MINUTE READ

Coronavirus: 6 Online Teaching Resources for Professors Making the Switch

A blog post with resources to help you make the switch from face-to-face to online teaching