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East Carolina University: Teacher Education

ECU’s College of Education uses GoReact to record students’ practicum experiences. According to their research, using GoReact improves pre-service teachers’ feedback and reflection skills.


University West Alabama: Teacher Education

UWA’s College of Education uses GoReact to record student internships.



Michigan State University: Teacher Education

MSU’s College of Education uses GoReact to record student field experiences. Using GoReact provides accurate video evidence for CAEP accreditation and saves faculty and students hours of time.


Ed Direction: Teaching Education

Ed Direction is a teacher coaching organization that uses GoReact to collaborate with K-12 teachers nationwide, double their number of observations, and turn around underperforming schools in record time.


Baylor University: Communication

Dr. Anne Grinols uses GoReact to teach practical business communication skills. Her students love the immediate feedback because it gives them confidence and quickly improves soft skills.


Missouri State: Communication

Dr. Kelly Wood uses GoReact to record her students’ presentations. Using GoReact saves her days of grading and creates a unique peer community where students provide their own insightful feedback.


Grand Valley State University: Communication

University of West Alabama: Nursing

UWA’s Division of Nursing uses GoReact to grade skills check-offs. Along with better student preparation, using GoReact gives UWA’s limited faculty and nontraditional students more flexibility and efficiency.


University of Houston: Psychology and Counseling

Dr. Sarah Mire uses GoReact to record her psychology students administering IQ tests. It saves her hours of grading, and for the first time ever students are internalizing her video feedback.


San Antonio College: American Sign Language

San Antonio College uses GoReact for ASL education and interpreter training. Time-coded feedback in ASL prepares students for certification and creates a 100% ASL learning environment.


Point Loma Nazarene: Performing Arts

Professor Philip Tyler uses GoReact to record student conductors. Now students receive time-coded feedback—an important factor in music—and engage with the material more than ever before.


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