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GoReact Case Stuides

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University of West Alabama – Teacher Ed

“I like that GoReact is easy for anyone to use. And immediately! There’s no complicated training. It’s simple, quick, and does what it’s intended to do.”

— Susan Hester, University of West Alabama

Baylor & Missouri State – Communication

Anne Grinols taught fast and practical business communication skills to make sure her students hit the ground running in their future careers.

“Students improved more in one week with GoReact than they usually do in an entire semester.”

— Anne Grinols, Baylor University

Kelly Wood uses GoReact to improve her students’ presentation skills and simplify her workflow.

“If you are teaching public speaking, you definitely have to check them out. I absolutely recommend it to others.”

— Kelly Wood, Missouri State University

University of Florida – Nursing Education

Dr. Michael D. Bumbach is a trained nurse practitioner and nursing instructor at the University of Florida. Now he’s using GoReact to record his students’ nursing simulations. The result? He’s saving days of time grading and helping his students improve faster than ever.

Because we have a faculty shortage, GoReact has really allowed me to maximize my time. If I’m on the bus for 20 minutes, I can do my work then. It saves me literally days of time.
—Dr. Michael D.Bumbach, University of Florida

University of Houston – Psycholoy & Counseling

Dr. Sarah Mire is a licensed psychologist and an assistant professor at the University of Houston. Now she uses GoReact to record her students’ administrations. The result? She’s saving loads of time, and her students are learning faster than ever.

I’ve seen greater improvement in a much faster time this year, and I attribute that to students watching themselves on GoReact.
—Dr. Sarah Mire, University of Houston

San Antonio College – ASL

San Antonio College uses GoReact to improve ASL education and interpreter training. Come see how department head Lauri Metcalf uses the platform to streamline her video management process, give time-coded feedback in ASL, prepare students for certification, and create a 100% ASL learning environment.

Point Loma Nazarene – Performing Arts

Professor Philip Tyler is a tenured violin professor and orchestra director at Point Loma Nazarene University. He introduced GoReact to record students learning to be conductors. The result? His students are more engaged with the material than ever before.

The biggest benefit of using GoReact is that students and professor can respond in the flow of what’s happening in the video rather than retrospectively to something that has already happened.
—Philip Tyler, Point Loma Nazarene University

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